How to Find Accommodation in Cyprus as a Digital Nomad

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Moving to Cyprus to life you island life as a digital nomad is an easy decision. After all, the Mediterranean Island is one of the most centric and friendly destinations for anyone working remotely. However, finding short term or long term rentals in Cyprus is not so simple if you don’t know where to look. 

These are the best ways to find both short and long term accommodation in Cyprus. 


Airbnb is probably the best option for those planning to stay in Cyprus for less than three months. The flats on Airbnb are usually fully furnished, well equipped, and have a stable internet connection. Many of these Airbnb listings also offer a discount for longer stays making it ideal for digital nomads who plan to stay longer than one month. Best of all, you are protected by Airbnb so you can book your place ahead of time with ease of mind. All you need to do is show up and start living your island life.

For longer stays, I would still recommend to use Airbnb for at least a few weeks until you get situated and find your own apartment through the platforms listed below.

Overall, Airbnb is a best option to find short term rentals in Cyprus.

Sidenote: Prices on Airbnb do increase during the peak tourist season (Mid May to End of August)


For local listings, you’ll find Bazaraki particularly useful. Think of this site as Craigslist but a bit smaller. This is the perfect place to find short- and long-term rentals.  

What’s not great about Bazaraki is that you don’t have the assurance that sites like Airbnb provide, so before renting a flat, make sure you go check it out. On the plus side, Bazaraki is remarkable for finding long-term rentals with local rates and not tourist prices.

Find Your New Home on Bazarki

Facebook Marketplace

Whether you’re looking to buy some used furniture or a place to stay in Cyprus, Facebook marketplace is quite active on the Mediterranean island. Here, you often deal with owners and real estate agents, so the prices can be a bit more manageable. 

You might still have to negotiate, though, especially if you want to rent short term — most of the accommodations listed are for one-year stays. Again, once you find a place you like, talk to the owner or real estate agent and look at the place before making any down payments, just to be safe!

Where are You Staying in Cyprus?

No matter how you find the right accommodation for you or where you stay, there’s no doubt you’ll have a wonderful time in Cyprus. Where you stay matters, of course, but the people you meet along the way matter the most.

The digital nomad community in Cyprus is close, and everyone’s always ready to help out. There’s no doubt you’ll make good friends and perhaps a few like-minded business partners! Having said that, find where to crash in Cyprus and live your life as a nicely tanned digital nomad.

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The digital nomad behind Work Remotely Cyprus. He has been living a digital nomad life in Cyprus since the summer of 2020. He built this website to guide other digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs to live their island life in Cyprus.

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