Things to Do in Cyprus as a Digital Nomad

Cyprus might be a small island, but it truly has it all. Thousands of tourists visit the Mediterranean country every year, so there’s plenty of infrastructure and entertainment along with a vibrant dining scene. From lively cities with loud night scenes to calm mountain towns surrounded by trekking paths, there’s something to do in Cyprus year round.

For a digital nomad moving to Cyprus, these are several things to do year round. There’s undoubtedly something for you. After all, not all experiences are tailored for tourists; many cater to locals as well!

1. Diving

Cyprus has the most transparent and cleanest waters in the European Union, making it perfect ground for diving. The water is warm year round reaching a

Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular on the island. Visibility of up to one hundred feet is common, and the prices are fair — many people travel to Cyprus just to get diving certifications. Caves, walls, reefs, underwater archeological sites and shipwrecks are exciting diving sites, and finding artifacts going back to the Ancient Romans is not uncommon. 

2. Water Sports

3. Cycling

4. Go on an adventure in Paphos 

Paphos, in southwest Cyprus, is a coastal town, and it’s said to be the birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. If you’re into history, you’ll find wonderful archeological sites in the lower ‘Kato Paphos,’ including entire Roman villas with many mosaics intact.

For outdoor lovers, the Paphos Bird Park in northern Paphos is a must. The sea caves in Peiya are a remarkable sight, and the Avakas Gorge, a rocky hiking trail with astounding geological formations, is just stunning.

Go for a walk in the Akamas Trails, seventeen hiking trails around Akamas, all unique and beautiful, some lead to the famous Blue Lagoon — the clearest waters in Cyprus. 

5. Explore the Cavo Greko Area 

Cavo Greko, or Cape Greko, in Eastern Cyprus, close to Ayia Napa, is a vast national park covering a peninsula. Seventy-one distinct birds visit the area frequently, and important archeological remains have been discovered in the area. 

There are nine nature trails in Cavo Greko, and they are splendid for getting to know the area intimately. The scenery is fantastic, and the air is as fresh as it gets. You’ll want to spend an entire morning exploring the area. 

6. Hiking in the Troodos Mountains

The Troodos Mountains is the most extensive mountain range in Cyprus. Once an important mining source for copper, most of the area is now a natural park dotted with ancient monasteries and ski resorts. 

The mountainous terrain offers twenty-one hiking trails with a wide range of difficulties and lengths. From an easy 2.7km loop around the area to the challenging Blue Lagoon 19.5km trail that will take you up to 6 hours to explore. 

The unmistakable scent of pines and the fresh air makes walking the Troodos a delightful experience tourists and locals enjoy every day. 

7. Visit one of the many Cypriot Villages

8. Wine Routes

9. Sunsets  

Larnaka’s salt lake, just southwest of Larnaka, is the second largest in Cyprus, with 2.2 square kilometers of impressive sights and varied wildlife, including flamingos. Today, the salt lake is protected as a natural reserve but was once home to a significant settlement during the Bronze Age. Salt was once the most important commodity in Cyprus. 

Larnaka’s salt lake is all about the beautiful sights, especially during the sunset. The golden sunlight illuminates the entire lake for a picture-perfect way to end a long day exploring the island. 

10. Party The Night Away 

Limassol’s nightlife is legendary. We’re talking about non-stop partying, where locals and tourists mingle with the blue Mediterranean sea in the background. You’ll find many bars and lounges on the beach and pier, but the entire city center brims with light as soon as the sun goes down. Of course, all-day bars are an easy find as well!

Outdoor sitting is immensely popular in Limassol, so just follow the crowds. From wine bars to tapas bars, Limassol is the place to party the night away!

11. Beach Days

One of the most fascinating things about Cyprus is its weather, and there’s no better way of enjoying it than spending the day at the beach. There’s no doubt Ayia Napa is the best resort town in Cyprus. Although a bit touristy, the beaches here are some of the nicest, and the crowd is young and energetic. For a quieter day at the beach, there are plenty of alternatives, including Protaras or Paralimini. 

12. Indulge in The Delicious Cypriot Food

Cyprus Has It All!

There’s no shortage of things to do in Cyprus. From eating delicious food to exploring sunken ships, from hiking the mountains to chilling at a beach bar. Whether you’re just visiting for the holidays or are planning to stay for a while as a digital nomad, there’s no doubt you’ll have a blast in Cyprus. 

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