The best places to work in Cyprus as a digital nomad

Cyprus is a fantastic destination for digital nomads, and although having a marvelous time on the Mediterranean island is easy, you also need to know some of the best places to work in Cyprus.  

There are many cafes on the island to work from including some coworking spaces. These are some of the favorite spots among the digital nomads, remote working, and entrepreneur community in Cyprus. 

Coworking and Community in Paphos

Paphos is home to many coffee shops with good WIFI to choose from but if you are looking for more than that here are your options:

Hugge Coworking is one of the best-equipped coworking spaces in Paphos and also hosts a friendly community. 

Cowork Connective is also a wonderful alternative. This digital nomad community gets together weekly; its like-minded members support local businesses and each other.

Best Places to Work in Larnaca

You’ll find the most suitable cafés to work a few hours near the Finikoudes and Mackenzie beaches. Although you have plenty of options, these two are the best options:

Paul’s Coffee Roasters, located in Larnaka city center, is a cozy cafe serving specialty coffee with good WIFI and a comfortable and calm environment.

Caffè Nero Mackenzie is a spacious coffee shop on Mackenzie beach. A popular place to work among digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs in Cyprus. is the only coworking space in Larnaka and it’s a bit out of the city center.

Ohouse is coworking space set to open soon in the city center!

Cafes to Work From in Limassol

Limassol has plenty of options when it comes to places to work, whether it be cafes to hotel lobbies, here are some of the best options:

Colors Café, located in the Four Seasons Hotel, is a trendy, small spot to work for a few hours.

Caffe Nero Marina is a comfy place to work and quite spacious. You might not want to overextend your visit during the high season, though, as it gets busy!

The Columbia Beach Bar has a good internet collection, and it’s perfect for a few hours of work and leisure. It can get noisy, though. 

Coworking Spots in Nicosia

There’s no shortage of coffee shops and coworking spaces in Cyprus’ capital, and there’s undoubtedly one near you anywhere around the city, including excellent alternatives as Mikel and Café Nero. Here are a few alternatives:

Yfantourgeio TheWorkplace is your go-to stop for a fantastic shared workspace in the old town of Nicosia, Ledras.

Hub Nicosia is another wonderful spot. The artsy, minimalistic space is a member of the European Creative Hubs Network, and its well known for its educational projects and state-of-the-art spaces. 

What Are Your Favorite Places to Work in Cyprus?

Finding suitable places to work as a digital nomad in Cyprus is easy; not getting distracted by the island’s many things to do is a bit harder. At the end of the day, work and leisure are one and the same in Cyprus, but you’ll surely find balance in your life as a digital nomad on the warm Mediterranean island. 

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The digital nomad behind Work Remotely Cyprus. He has been living a digital nomad life in Cyprus since the summer of 2020. He built this website to guide other digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs to live their island life in Cyprus.

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